Dedicated to supporting the dreams and passions of our exceptional riders in the highest levels of our sport.

About Us

G&C Farm is owned by Gustavo and Carolina Mirabal and was established in 2009 in Wellington, Florida, but they are currently based in Madrid, Spain. They support top show jumpers, which allows the farm’s riders the best opportunity to train and prepare for top competition. G&C Farm attends the best horse shows in Europe, supporting the amateur success of Gustavo and Carolina, as well as the pursuits of professional riders Luis Miguel Martinez, Sergio Alvarez Moya, Gustavo Arroyo, and Luis Fernando Larrazabal.

G&C Farm has a commitment to producing top horses and riders. The inclusive atmosphere, warm environment, and intensive training is focused to empower the performance of riders and horses in order to excel at the highest levels of international competition.

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